Sussex Healthcare Application Process

Applying for employment with Sussex Healthcare is not complicated at all. There are two ways to apply for employment. The first way to apply for a job is in person. This is for people who live near the actual facility. Filling out an application in person can take approximately 10-20...Read more

A True Pioneer In Architecture: Robert Ivy

An Overview of Robert Ivy Robert Ivy is the Vice President of AIA (American Institute of Architects). AIA is an establishment for United States architects. AIA is based out of Washington, D.C. They specialize in government advocacy, public outreach and education. In 2011, Robert was named CEO of AIA. He...Read more

Dont Be Mistaken About Betsy DeVos

A former state attorney general and a Republican, Mike Cox, have some revealing descriptions of Betsy DeVos. He said, many people fear Betsy DeVos but not really because of her billionaire status, but because she is steely and very determined when she wants to reach her goal. He made these...Read more

The successful entrepreneurial Journey of Robert Santiago

About 30 years ago, Roberto Santiago established the prestigious Manaira Shopping mall. Roberto is well-known for having developed the best shopping mall in Brazil. Located in the midst of the Joao Pessoa in the state of Paraiba. The mall remains the largest in the region. Santiago began his entrepreneurship as...Read more

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian’s Vision to Shape the Future

Ara Chackerian visited an orphanage with his father Richard in Armenia. After leaving the orphanage, Ara realized there was a need for mentoring the young people there. This lead to Nor Luyce a mentoring program assist young women in their transition from orphan to self-sufficient adult. Ara Chackerian has been...Read more

The Renewed Focus Of Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy, previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd., is an intermediate-sized Canadian oil and gas producer based in Calgary, Alberta. On June 26th, 2017, this company suffered a significant scandal. They went through significant changes, redefined their company and renamed it Obsidian Energy.   In July of 2014, David...Read more