In the world where people keep pushing the limits, food preferences have been changing rapidly. For example, spicy food has become a trend so big that scientists even invented a scale according to which various ingredients can be quantified in their hotness. For example, a basic Jalapeno pepper has 4,000 units of heat on the so-called Scoville scale. With this frame of reference in mind, most people would be very intrigued by another pepper known as the Habanero pepper that possesses 200,000 of units of heat!

To obtain such a pepper, one will generally have to take one of the two routes. First, they can buy a famous habanero shaker produced and sold by professionals such as Joel Friant, or grow the pepper themselves. People who believe they can grow the seed into a perfect spicy ingredient should adhere to some of the following rules.

First, growing habanero peppers comes with a considerable amount of safety issues. Given their hotness on the Scoville scale, they can even be dangerous to touch at times. When oils from the pepper come in contact with one’s eyes, the consequences can be very serious. This is why appropriate protection should be used.

Next, picking the pepper is mostly about the perfect timing. This means that one should allow about two and a half to three months for the pepper to become as good as can be. Also, anyone growing these can do a trade-off between the time and the size, as peppers that reach a size of over 2.5 inches will most likely be ready for picking. Therefore, knowing when to take the pepper will be crucial to its color, size, and flavor.

On the other hand, when one wants to purchase them, they should turn to individuals such as Joel Friant. This Western Washington University graduate has been in the business of habanero shakers since 1995. Although his business had a short-term interruption, high demand for habanero shakers in the 2000s has prompted him to go back to production. Now, Joel’s products can be found online and are deliverable to any location nationwide.