Sharon Prince is the president and founder of the globally renowned Grace Farms Foundation. Price oversees and steers the Grace Farm Foundation’s interests since its establishment in 2009. Unlike mainstream foundations, Grace Farms has taken a different approach to enhancing the lives of individuals around the world.


Grace Farms, under the leadership of Sharon Prince works to enhance lives, through promoting and creating an environment that allows people to engage with nature, arts, community, justice, and faith. The Grace Farms Foundation shares its recent activities on its corporate blog, the information available from the blog allows the audience to know what the firm and its executives are up to during the course of the month.


The Grace Farms Foundation’s president and Founder will be overseeing the marking of this year (2019) annual commemoration of Earth Day that is going down in April. The foundation will use the commemoration of earth day to inspire candid and thoughtful introspection, insightful conversation, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds while also garnering unexpected outcomes. Find Additional Information Here.


Sharon Prince believes that the expert staff at the foundation will thoughtfully program the event so that it provides an opportunity for education, activity, community engagement, and inspiration. One of the most anticipated annual events at the Grace Farms Foundation is Earth Day since it provides an opportunity for restoring the wilderness while also developing rich ecosystems that can ensure the survival of wildlife.


Sharon Prince welcomed Carrie Mae Weems to the Grace Farms Foundation this April. Carrie Mae Weems is one of the iconic and influential American artists of this era. Contrary to what you would expect, Carrie Weems is aware of the space she occupies in society.


Her recent performance at the Grace Farms Foundation managed to create a space to discuss and race, violence, inequality, and injustice. Sharon Prince and Carrie Mae Weems are two of America’s most influential and powerful voices championing for an end to violence and injustice.


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