For countless years, Betsy DeVos has found herself at the front of the education reform movement. She has always been a huge advocate for educational needs of children across the country and in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has long been known as a big reformer. When she was attending college at Calvin, she found herself getting very involved in the politics on campus. This is where her love of both education and politics began.


Many of her passions involve philanthropy. She was recently interviewed about her life and charitable contributions by Philanthropy Magazine. Below are some of the answers to questions about her love of her family, her love of education reform and school vouchers.


Her Feelings About Progress Of Voucher System In Wisconsin 25 Years Later


One question that the magazine asked Mrs DeVos is about how she feels about the progress of the first voucher program to be used in a private school in Wisconsin. Her main response was that she was pleased and optimistic at the program and what it has to offer. There are more than 255,000 students from more than 30 schools around the country that are taking advantage of the voucher programs.


How Did Betsy Become Involved In The Movement In The Beginning?


Mrs DeVos stated that it was not one single event that happened which got her interested and involved in the movement. It was a gradual culmination of events that led her to where she is today. Betsy and her husband have kids who were in school at that time and they both visited schools in the area to see how things were running first-hand. They had met many parents at the schools and saw how many of them were working very hard and still struggling to offer their kids a safe environment to learn in. The couple’s love for helping students get the education they need started small with supporting a few students here and there. It then grew over time and the couple started their first charter school in the Grand Rapids area at the airport. This was the perfect place because Dick DeVos has a passion and love for aviation.


Betsy Meets With Pitbull


On a trip to Florida to visit different charter schools, Betsy ends up meeting with the rapper Pitbull. While this pair might seem like an unlikely match in all ways, they both have a love of education. Pitbull has opened his own charter school for underprivileged kids in Miami and the two had met briefly to discuss it.


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