Securus is filled with plenty of innovations that make it easier for families that have inmates. One thing that occurs is that the family loses their family member while he is an inmate for a certain amount of time. Fortunately, Securus has slowly but surely put together a lot of features and services that can help keep the inmate in touch with his family. Among the services that Securus has set up is phone service and most recently with the help of internet and smart technology, video services. Therefore, people can both see and hear the inmate while he is serving his time.


Among the different services for phones are Advance Connect, Direct Bill, Traditional Collect and Inmate Debit. These options make it so much easier on the families of the inmate. This also gives the family a chance to save money while talking to their serving family member. One of the best things is that they can talk from their mobile services so that they can keep in touch from anywhere. Securus has shown that they have always been passionate about keeping the family of the inmate together. For one thing, different types of people wind up serving time.


Another service that they offer is video visitation. This allows families to visit and see their inmates from the comfort of their own home. One of the worst things that people have to deal with when one of their family members is serving time is that they have to drive for miles to where the person is incarcerated. At least with video visitation, not only do people get to visit from home, they can also avoid the frustration of visitation hours. Securus also works on solutions that can help educate the inmates while they are serving time so that they will be able to find work after serving their time.