The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been upholding the timeless tradition of excellence in architecture since 1857. They started small, with only 13 architects on their panel. However, if the vision of an organization is phenomenal, success is the natural next step that follows. And so it was for the AIA, which is now a 90,000-strong society of licensed architects. The core values of the AIA are focused on equity, climate issues, construction, and design. The AIA has handed over its leadership to Robert Ivy, one of the most outstanding lawyers of the country.

Robert Ivy now occupies the prestigious post of Chief Executive Officer at AIA. His primary goals are aligned with AIAs philosophy to make architecture understandable and useful to people at large. Columbus marks the birthplace of Robert Ivy.He graduated in English from University of the South, Sewanee and also holds an architectural degree from the Tulane School of Architecture.

Robert Ivy has a flair for writing and editing. He published a biographical account of the architect Fay Jones in 1992. The third version of the book is successfully running to date. Mr. Ivy also functioned as the Director of the prestigious publication, Architectural Record from 1996 to 2010. Architectural Record won several accolades during his expert directorship. Significant among these were the National Magazine Award for General Excellence and the exceptional magazine journalism award. He also headed the editorial board of Construction which was published by McGraw Hill.

Robert Ivy has received remarkable honors in his career as an architect. The Alpha Ro Chi conferred the designation of Master Architect on Robert Ivy, which is an unmatched honor. Very few have achieved what Robert Ivy has, and he is among a handful of people to attain this title in the last ten decades. He is an accomplished architect, as exemplified by the Crane Award, which he received in 2009. This award was bestowed on him by the American Business Media for his many years of proficiency and commitment to the profession.

Robert Ivy is also on the panel of several architectural bodies such as the American Architecture Foundation, AIA, and the CICA- International Committee of Architectural Critics. He also advises many schools of architecture in different countries. These include the Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tulane University, Missippi State University and Auburn University’s Rural Studio.

Robert Ivy has always been the most prominent voice of the AIA. He travels around the country to give talks on architecture, to explain its significance and implications in daily life. The most noteworthy accomplishments of Robert Ivy at AIA include the conception of digital construction design, improvements in AIA administration and bringing the impact of architecture on health into the spotlight.

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