In every successful business or company, the leadership transition is a major component. New leaders come with new things and ideas to make the place better. If a leader doesn’t make the new place better than they found it, they are inadequate of some skills and expertise. When a renowned company shows its interests in someone, it’s an indication the person is properly skilled. This is what Fifth Third Bancorp did when it announced it would take Heather Russell as its next corporate secretary and chief legal officer. The company made this decision in 2015 and took Russell in September of the same year.

According to the president of Fifth Third Bancorp, Russell would bring deep expertise in different departments of the company. With the unmatched skills Heather Russell had, she was expected to bring great transformation in various departments such as enforcement and litigation, corporate governance, regulatory relations, and in investment, commercial, and consumer banking. The company’s president, Greg D. Carmichael, said Russell would be the company’s legal officer who would help the company to build its franchise. This would help the company to work on several critical functions in the company’s risk infrastructure.

Anyone with unique skills and experience is of great importance to the company and business. Most of the businesses and companies today are looking for a terrific addition. Although the bank Russell was expected to join had great growth prospects and a strong foundation, it still needed what she had to keep its future safe. Fifth Third Bancorp has its main offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the financial services it offers are diversified. Heather Russell has worked at TransUnion and law firms such as Buckley Sandler. She was an enthusiastic leader of the fintech practices, supervision, and financial institutions regulation of this law firm. She has also worked at Skadden for eight years and brought changes in acquisitions and mergers, corporate finance, and other financial services. She was in Law College at Washington University where she got her Juris Doctorate with honors.

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