The proliferation of technology has created a demand for tech support services to keep the latest advancements in technology running properly. Entrepreneur Robert Deignan recognized this need and founded ATS Digital to fill the need.


When an individual encounters technical problems they can call ATS who in turn uses a remote connection to correct the problem. Prior to founding ATS Digital Robert Deignan was an Executive Vice President at iS3 an information solutions company.


It is not an exaggeration to say that some people are addicted to technology. People have been injured and killed because they were so fixated on their smartphone that they were oblivious to the dangers around them. Robert Deignan has some thoughts on how people can make more productive use of technology without technology being the focal point of their lives.


Eight years ago the average attention span was three minutes. Today, the average attention span is less than one minute. The seemingly infinite variety of online content plays a significant role in shortening attention spans. The solution is for people to think about how much time they spend checking social media and emails and streaming content so they can control their use of technology instead of technology usage controlling them.


It has been proven that technology alters the way the brain functions. It has also been discovered that the brain processes input from a screen differently than it processes input from printed material. For the benefit of overall brain health, it is best not to depend on technology as your sole source of information and mental stimulation.


According to Robert Deignan online advertising is designed to be addictive. Advertising that targets the right areas of the brain yields dividends. Companies that manufacturer smartphones, tablets and alike take advantage of what advertisers learn about getting consumers hooked on a product. The tech companies use the information to get consumers hooked on their devices.


Obviously, Robert Deignan is not anti-technology. He points to the medical benefits of technology and how technology can bring people closer together. Deignan is concerned with helping people overcome tech addiction through moderation.