Grace Farms a cultural haven for the culturally inspired is an 83,000-square-foot cultural center located in New Canaan, Connecticut. Co-founder and philanthropist Sharon Prince was inspired to build this new institution that provides one to explore the many facets of cultural diversity, art, and faith.


Prince’s brave stand against modern slavery is a task in itself. Some of Sharon Prince’s innovative ideas in addressing these issues are by promoting awareness in our environment by developing a technology that will enhance one’s intelligence. Prime Minister of Georgia has also supported this idea and stated he would be in alliance with the two countries to bring about the needed change.


During Sharon’s struggle to help alleviate slavery and other efforts to bring about change, an unfortunate thing occurred, Prince encountered legal problems. A lawsuit was brought against her organization by neighbors stating that silt and sediment polluted the wetlands stream and pound during the construction of the facility.


In violation of the permit issued by the New Canaan Inland Wetlands Commission, Sharon Prince attorney argued that the neighbors had no right to sue for violations because they were individuals, not the issuing agency. The motion to dismiss was denied.


The vision and mission of Grace Farms are to bring people together. For some it’s a way of escape to peaceful and serene surroundings. A new and different kind of space has arrived searching for justice and an end to slavery allowing people to come together in an atmosphere of working through their issues in a positive and uplifting way.


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