James Dondero: Making Dallas Better

When you think of the people that make your neighborhood great, several individuals might come to mind; Did you ever think that a successful millionaire would be one of them? Typically you might consider a wealthy businessperson to be stuck up or greedy, however, you might visualize them, there are...Read more

The Real Estate Giant, Jim Toner

In the real estate sector, Jim Toner has created a legacy. He is a real estate investor. He has also worked as a radio host for real estate shows. Besides these, Jim is a speaker, advisor, and a renowned author. He has traveled all across the states holding talks and...Read more

Jed McCaleb Improves the Global Financial Sector Through Technology

Jed McCaleb is the name behind the renowned Stellar.org. He co-founded the organization in 2014 after realizing the need for an advanced financial system that enables individuals to share resources. Jed is passionate about technology and is always working hard to improve its usage and impact on people’s lives. Speaking...Read more

AvaTrade Review: The Best Options and High Quality Results

Using Cryptocurrency is possible with new additions to the AvaTrade stocks platform. There are multiple kinds of advantages when using the custom software provided by AvaTrade. Their state of the art MT4 technology is innovative and has been able to adapt based on new requirements and possibilities. AvaTrade is a...Read more