Jim Toner: Experience, Philosophy & Dedication

Jim Toner, Ph.D., M.D., is one of the finest professionals that works exclusively in the medical industry. When it comes to being on-point as well as being punctual, few doctors in the infertility sector of business can outperform him. Caring and providing vital services for those who are in need...Read more

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian’s Vision to Shape the Future

Ara Chackerian visited an orphanage with his father Richard in Armenia. After leaving the orphanage, Ara realized there was a need for mentoring the young people there. This lead to Nor Luyce a mentoring program assist young women in their transition from orphan to self-sufficient adult. Ara Chackerian has been...Read more

Nutrisystem Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to be an Expensive Affair

  Most people are of the impression that diet plans are for the rich and wealthy. Since one needs to purchase groceries that are quite expensive, many end up neglecting some fantastic diet plans that can genuinely help them lose weight. One such diet program is the Nutrisystem. When you...Read more

Understanding American Healthcare with Dr. David Samadi

Americans have increasingly been concerned with the matters of health. However, there are so many sources offering information and it may get confusing. There are topics about disease prevention, treatment options, healthcare systems, and many more that may be difficult to understanding for the regular citizen. Thankfully, we can get...Read more