Have you heard of most mainstream makeup being filled with chemicals? Or have you recently been informed of their cruel animal testing? Maybe some of those products actually use certain animals, or animal parts in their ingredient list! This information might not only make most people cringe, but it might also cause those who use those types products to stop using them, or makeup all together. There may also be many of those who would see this as a problem and do nothing more than complain about it. However, that is not the case for the colorful super hero of the world of beauty, Doe Deere.


The self-made entrepreneurial success and colorfully rebellious fashionista has revolutionized the industry of makeup and beauty. Not only has she accomplished those impressive feats, she also managed to impress, inspire, and empower many other women (and some men) along the way. She has been an icon to those who have fallen madly in Love with her new beauty line, “Lime Crime”, and to those who wish to pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs and artists, which Doe Deere is a wonderful combination of. This artistic entrepreneurial beauty has sparked the interest and imagination of many who were getting bored with all of the mainstream makeup products available.


When Doe Deere was a seamstress, she noticed something odd… there was a lack of color. Nevertheless, this did not sadden her, but gave her a nice, healthy dose of insight. Immediately, she saw the opportunity of noticing a gap in the beauty industry. This gap was the monumental lack of color. Something so simple, yet so intrinsic to the world was lacking in something so widely used by the majority of the female population in the world. If you go to her Lime Crime website, you will right away notice the mission statement of the company that she founded. The title of the mission statement reads, “Rebellion In Color”. That alone can show the passion that the young and beautiful successful entrepreneur towards the creation of something that reflects her attitude towards life in general.


However, the innovations do not stop with her compassion towards animals, or her sympathetic nature towards those who choose to be vegan. She continues the innovation with the additional ingredient of nostalgia. Doe Deere made her “Lime Crime” line into a cult favorite by incorporating a girl’s childhood icon. One of her palette’s is made in the shape of the famous “Polly Pocket” design, which is reminiscent of almost any young girl of that generation.


Through her righteous innovation and nostalgic incorporation, Doe Deere has managed colorfully, masterfully, and, in a rebellious way, brought life back into something that has long been full of death and dread. This article is filled with many reasons why Doe Deere is such a cult favorite in today’s generation, yet they are still overshadowed by the not-yet discussed inspirational stories that she has sure to be the cause of for many artistic entrepreneurs. Thank You.


Visit https://www.limecrime.com/pages/our-founder-doe-deere to learn more.