A former state attorney general and a Republican, Mike Cox, have some revealing descriptions of Betsy DeVos. He said, many people fear Betsy DeVos but not really because of her billionaire status, but because she is steely and very determined when she wants to reach her goal. He made these comments about DeVos because of her apparently timid reaction to President Trump’s decision to withdraw a federal policy which apparently contradicted her stand. She (DeVos) just went with Trump’s wishes even if she seemed to have resisted it at first.



Apparently, she opposed the move to prevent transgender students to use bathrooms according to their gender preference. This was the assurance given previously by an aide of DeVos to gay and transgender advocates. But when Trump withdrew his support for this policy, Betsy appeared to meekly follow. Before Trump’s announcement of the policy withdrawal, DeVos met with a transgender and gay representative at her Education Department office and warned the person of Trump’s impending announcement.



However, she did not give any public sign about their differences and when Trump made the announcement, she was there appearing to have given her support. In the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference that was held after Trump’s announcement, Betsy even mentioned that the policy is a big example of the overreach of the Obama administration.



Betsy DeVos has no government service experience before she was appointed by Trumps as the new Secretary of Education. In fact, she didn’t really have any experience working with Trump at all. She is taking over her post at the Department of Education where most top positions are vacant. In the transgender and gay bathroom issue, she was on the other side of the table facing Jeff Sessions, the current Attorney General. Sessions is a Washington, D.C. veteran who has been with Trump for many years.



However, some of her admirers as well as her critics believe that she will learn the ways in Washington, build friends and eventually get her way. Randi Weingarten said that people tend to underestimate her. A strong Democrat supporter and the president of the American Federation of Teachers, Weingarten stated that she appears to be plain-spoken and personable. However, “she is dangerous,” he added.



Betsy has been supporting the cause of charter schools for many years. She opposed the requirement of performance standards for a number of schools operated by for- profit companies. Betsy also fought for parents’ rights of deciding whether to send their kids to charter schools or not. Detroit has the country’s biggest number of charter schools mainly because of what she did. This city’s public schools have been deteriorating and Betsy’s initiatives seem to be palliative at best.



According to Greg McNeilly, Betsy understands that in the United States, there are public schools that are not performing well. This can be gleaned from the test scores of their students, even if they are considered as good schools. McNeilly, a Michigan political operative of the Republicans added that Betsy wants a public discussion about what should be expected from the country’s public schools.


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