Ara Chackerian visited an orphanage with his father Richard in Armenia. After leaving the orphanage, Ara realized there was a need for mentoring the young people there. This lead to Nor Luyce a mentoring program assist young women in their transition from orphan to self-sufficient adult. Ara Chackerian has been the main source of funding for the program since its launch.

So, who is Ara Chackerian? Ara is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. Ara received his Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University. Based in San Francisco, Ara has led an impressive career with over two decades building healthcare companies and co-founding multiple companies. He served as Executive Vice President of Research and Development of Health Diagnostics LLC. Mr. Ara Chackerian also served as Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics (a company who specializes in diagnostic imaging services) and continued with its acquisition by Health Diagnostics in 2007.

He held various leadership positions at PSS/World Medical, where he had direct accountability for 11 distribution facilities, which represented $150 million in annual revenues. Not only is Mr. Chackerian interested in the healthcare field, and philanthropy, but also devotes his attention to another company he co-founded called Limonapa. Finca de Limonapa is located in Nicaragua. The farm, prior to its purchase in 2015 was used by farmers for their cattle to graze. Ara’s vision for Limonapa was to put the environment and community first. Most importantly, what that meant for the locals in the community was Limonapa commitment to hiring locally and ensuring they were paid a fair wage. Check out their website

Limonapa is a teak farm (hard durable timber used in shipbuilding and for making furniture). They are devoted to preventing deforestation. They pride themselves on producing the best Teak in the world, yet are devoted to sustaining the land in an eco-friendly way. Also, at Limonapa they strive to help the community of farmers around the area, by providing them with jobs. Visit

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