Alternative financing is gaining in popularity due to the increased lending requirements being put forth by most banks. One alternative is stock loans, sometimes called equity loans. Equity First has been operating in this market space since 2002 and continues that success through to today. The advantages of alternative lending options are becoming more widely known as the concept itself gains greater understanding. Since 2002 Equities First has lent over $1.4 billion dollars across over 650 transactions. Their clients include enterprise businesses and high net worth individuals. Stock loans are transacted with equities pledged as collateral, and in this matter also provide a hedge to a decrease in value of the underlying assets and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Alternative equity loans are non-purpose and cannot be used to carry, purchase or trade securities in any manner. If raising non-purpose capital is the desired end result, equity loans are an option that is worth considering. The loans are offered at a fixed interest rate over the entire term of the loan, usually between three and four percent. Another appealing trait of this capital source is the non-recourse arrangement. There is also no possibility of margin calls even in the event that the underlying assets decrease in value and more information click here.

First Equities has been working in this market segment for over a decade and has served its clients well. The firm is well equipped to meet its clients capital requirement through alternative means and is a good alternative to the arduous process that bank loans now have. Increased qualifications for typical bank loans have become a deterrent for many that need a fast turn-around time or do not have a top credit profile. Stock loans are a good capital choice to many that are looking to raise non-purpose funds for their firms or as a high net worth individual and Equities First’s website.

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