Southridge Capital is a company centered in Connecticut. It is Limited Liability Company or generally called a LLC. The company offers financial solutions to the general public. Southridge Capital was initially founded in the year 1996. It is located in Ridgefield region of Connecticut in the United States. For several years, Southridge Capital LLC has provided their financial services. They have provided their guidance to over 250 public companies till date. It also has offices in New England and North-eastern US. The company concentrates on providing all sorts of financial solutions to its clients. For more details visit LinkedIn.



Southridge Capital provides resources to companies that want to improve their economic growth in the marketplace. It is very important to have a proper financial solution in order to sustain growth and development. Southridge Capital reviews the financial aspects that their clients want to reach and helps them with resources to reach that goal. They focus on supplying the clients with the resources that they need in order to reach their objective. They have organized the company structure and its culture in the way that they can provide the services that their customers desire. They have a specialized team to help them attain the business target every year. Southridge Capital has invested over a total of $1.8 billion in order to help companies grow in a global scale.



Stephen M. Hicks is the CEO of Southridge Capital. Stephen is the former owner of Southridge Capital. He first thought of starting a financial solutions company when he worked as an employee in a small hedge fund. Being motivated with the work form he decided to have his own hedge fund and since then has directed and executed the company in order to grow it to global level. Check out their Facebook page.



Stephen M. Hicks has a schedule built for his daily business affairs. He has worked severely hard to make Southridge one of the best companies to provide financial solutions. He is a person who likes to follow the financial trend in the marketplace and invest accordingly in the most trending sectors. He has experience in the field of finance of over 30 years. You can visit