What most readers would know about Greg James Aziz from his LinkedIn profile is the fact that he’s the CEO of National Steel Car as well as its Chairman. They would also read that he went to Western University for his college education and that he is an avid fan of new technologies to improve the railroad freight car engineering that his company is involved in. However, Gregory James Aziz is more than that.


People may not know yet that another strength that Gregory J Aziz is that he always puts in the time to raise the bar of the standards of engineering. It’s a tough competition out there, so it’s important to always keep on challenging himself. It’s also important that he finds the deepest purpose in what he does. Without the right purpose in him, and the right core values that he has to uphold in his service, he won’t be able to last this long in the business. National Steel Car is already 100 years old, and that’s one of the longest-running companies out there. Much of this success comes from the fact that Aziz gave his 100% for the company’s growth.

The dedication for Gregory James Aziz in the company has also well paid off. For one, National Steel Car has been regarded to be North America’s best railroad company, with a certification of ISO 9001:2008. It has also been honored with what is called the TTX SECO award 13. Aziz didn’t just get this award once. Or twice. Not even for three times. It’s an amazing feat that Aziz was consistently given this award for over a decade already.

This doesn’t mean at all that National Steel Car is contented in sticking with its laurels. It doesn’t dwell in the past. It is right now busy in building more valuable relationships with other companies to grow its operations. It’s also doing its best attracting the most valuable relationships with suppliers that can help both Aziz’ company and others’ reach their goals. National Steel Car wants to continue building trusted quality railcars, and Aziz is no one, if not the man who will always make this happen. Find More Information Here.

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