1Greg James Aziz was born in London on April 30, 1949. He got his education in the Ridley College, but later he joined the University of Western Ontario where he attained his degree in economics. His family owned a business that was involved in the sale of food in wholesale, and that is the company that Greg James joined after he was done with school. The name of the company was Affiliated foods. In 1971, that was the year things changed for the company because the company had an enormous sale, and from there, things changed because they become a worldwide importer. It got the recognition in so many parts of the country like Canada, central and Europe. Gregory James Aziz attained the needed capital and in the early 1990s.


With the capital that he got James Aziz was able to buy National Steel Car from its then owner DOFASCO, and that made him automatically the founder of the company in 1994. The primary goal that he had for the company is that it will change to become one of the great North American car manufacturing companies. With that, he made sure that the employees that he employed were the best and car engineers had the needed knowledge. With those two things in place the company expanded within no time from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars in a year by the time it reached the year 1999. That lead the company to add more staffs to manage the increase of cars, and the number changed from 600 employees to 3000 employees. See Related Link for additional information.


Today, National Steel Car is the best manufacturing company all because of Greg Aziz and the team that he hired were the best when it comes to engineering. With it being the only company that has been able to get the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 in North America. For the past 18 years, they have been able to maintain the ownership, and because of them being the best there have gotten the recertification from time to time. The company has been receiving the TTX SECO award from 1996 due to the quality of work they give.


They sponsor charities like the Salvation Army, the united way, Aquarius and so many others that is the main reason that the community thinks of them as a blessing they were given. Not forgetting that they have offered so many people in the community with job opportunities. They make sure that they thank, motivate and encourage the employees so that they give their total best to the company.

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