Guilherme Paulus is heralded as a visionary who has transformed the tourism sector in Brazil by establishing a vast hotel empire spread across this Latin America nation. At 68 years and going strong, Guilherme likes to declare that he is in the business of selling dreams. Further, he proudly affirms that he enjoys creating employment opportunities and contributing to growing Brazil’s economy.

Presently, Guilherme serves as a founder and chairman of CVC, the biggest tourism retail chain in Brazil. He is also a member of the National Tourism Board. He also serves as the President of GJP ParticipaƧƵes, which manages the famed GJP Hotels & Resorts. CVC has the capacity to transport millions of domestic and international visitors on air, land, or sea to over one hundred destinations around the world. To accomplish this feat, the company has over eight thousand travel agents who have attained multiband accreditation spread in over 700 outlets in Brazil.

His business exploits comprise of four major hotel establishments; Wish (5-star), the Prodigy (4-star), Linx (3-star), and castle Saint Andrews, a highly exclusive establishment situated in Gramado. Saying that Guilherme Paulus is self-driven is the understatement of the year. This man is endowed with strong business acumen and he is not afraid to take risks and take the path less traveled. It is no wonder that in 2013, Guilherme made it to Forbes’ list of billionaires coming in at number 1,268. This is no shabby feat given that he is a self-made man; Paulus did not hail from a wealthy background or ride on anyone’s back to influence his career trajectory. No. He did it all on his own.

Prospective entrepreneurs who wish to get acquainted with this industry behemoth can sign up for one of Guilherme’s Entrepreneurship lectures at ADVB / RS Headquarters. Attendees will learn how this former travel agent beat the odds to reach the pinnacle of success. CVC has pioneered many firsts in Brazil’s thriving tourism sector most notably selling packages in parcels, aircraft charters, product distribution model, etc. Guilherme Paulus is keen on bringing luxury tourism to Brazil and there is no telling what lengths he will go to bring his dream to fruition.

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