Drew Madden has been so passionate about improving operational process and healthcare workflows using technology for more than 15 years. He loves technology and also feels intrigued by soft skills that are vital for successful change management and IT adoption. Drew Madden talks about how most of his ideas generate from collaboration from others like his team or clients. In his interview drew talks about what makes him a productive entrepreneur where he says being a good listener is essential for you to be successful. He says listening is a valuable habit.

As an entrepreneur, he feels like you have to refine your business value proposition and you should be able to communicate it understandably. Often he has found himself caught in a limited amount of time to talk about his value prop. He says you have to read your audience and deliver business prop on time.

Drew Madden is excited and very anxious to see how the adoption of EHRs will have an impact on the evolution of health care in the next era. He compares 2002 when he was graduating when the laptops and internet were not yet around popular and the current situation where he feels there has been a brink of innovation and change in technology. In the interview drew madden says he would never urge himself to miss an opportunity to network. For him, he claims everyone has a story to tell which is interesting in one way or another and he says you should never miss the chance to study that.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden a Madison, Wisconsin-based healthcare IT businessperson whose skills about healthcare know-how spins round Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He is one of the founding partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This is a consulting firm that assists healthcare organizations all over the world in issues concerning operations. Drew Madden has a passion for Electronic Medical Records. He obtained his BSE in Industrial Engineering in 2002 at the University of Lowa College. His carrier begun in Cerner Corporation where he implemented inpatient clinical solution in two main Chicago hospital operations.