Sharon Prince is the known president of the Grace Farms Foundation. There is a lot that she has done to push the organization to the peak position on matters regarding community. Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation was set in the view from the year 2009, and the aim of setting up the organization was to create sanity in the community through the avenues of connecting the nature, society, art and the faith.

Sharon Prince is the head of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she has set all the required measures to puts the organization at the peak. The organization has been termed as non-profit in the sense that it has the mission of creating sanity in the community. Since the onset of the operation at the Grace Farms in the year 2015, there is a lot that has been made to created balance in the community as per their vision and mission. Refer to This Article to learn more.

The main things that have made the organization gained popularity in the community are the efforts that have put in the various areas. Many accolades have been awarded by the organization these include Fast Company’s “2016 Innovation by Design Award and AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award”. This indicated the step that has been taken by the organization and the excellent leadership of Ms. Prince. The organization has attracted support from many corners of the world through the mission they are undertaking in the community.

The effort of Ms. Prince through the foundation has made a lot of step in fighting for matters such as the gender balance and end of the child exploitation, and trafficking of the human. The aim that has been set as the priority by Ms. Prince is termination of the local and international issues on the matters of the violation of the women. Ms. Sharon Prince has set the best platform for the organization to push for a better niche.


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