If you reside in China and you are in pursuit of an online retailing company that offers quality products, you should opt for JD.com. The company has been providing e-commerce services since 2004.

Richard Liu Qiangdong heads Jingdong. JD.com has an outstanding track record as the leading online retailer in China. JD.com also has many more achievements such as launching new stores and research labs. In this context, you will get to know more about the new innovative stores that have been launched by JD.com at the Hohhot East Railway Station based in Mongolia and the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA).

By launching new innovative stores, JD has been able to expand their base of operation. In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart ahead of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.

The presence of such stores in areas that have high traffic ensures that consumers have access to numerous products at their own convenience. These stores will also make use of Jingdong’s retail technology. This is to ensure that the consumers will get a personalized experience. JD.com has also expanded its base of operation is supermarkets, convenience stores, railway stations, and airports. Go To This Page for additional information.

At the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), the JD.com stories situated at the terminal 3 departure lounge. The store will indulge in the sale of travel items such as clothing, beauty products, suitcases, daily necessities, mobile accessories, and bags. This store will also utilize Jingdong’s smart house technology. This technology makes it possible for a retailer to understand more the interaction of consumers with various goods. The consumer will also get to know more about which products should be offered to the consumers.

JD’s platform can analyze consumer traffic as well as consumer behavior. Heat maps can also be generated as a way of assisting with the selection of products and inventory management. As a result, the stores will have smooth operations. The Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is also honored to host JD.com. The store is set to attract a huge consumer base since they have stocked products that numerous travelers are accustomed to when they embark on a journey. The consumers will also have the honor if purchasing goods from the largest online retailer in China- Jingdong.


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