It looks like Jed McCaleb, the creator of one Mt. Gox is at it again. This time, he has come up with Stellar, a now leading method of online payment for online gamers. Addressing CNBC in an interview, he was enthusiastic about his visions with the blockchain powered technology that is described as a single payment method for everyone in the world. This should be interesting, right? He goes on to say that similarly with Ripple, one of his significant projects from the past, Stellar is also a blockchain powered payment system that utilizes tokens.

More on Stellar

In his perspective, it is clear that this payment system will be operated through a universal channel that receives and distributes payments through a single network. Moreover, he sees the possibilities of the hybrid payment system facilitating the payment of significant fiat currencies via the blockchain.


Just like the Ripple method of payment has been linked to South Korea’s market for implementation, Stellar will soon be considered a legitimate financial payment method in most of the leading financial institutions. Even better, the payment method will be a significant shake-up in the world of virtual asset payments.


A more in-depth look into Stellar tells us that it is a crypto-currency method of virtual payments where asset values are of a diverse nature and integrated through a decentralized platform of cross value initiatives. Moreover, Stellar operates through a lumen system that is not only cheap but also fast in terms of technology.

Who are the Major Players?

Significant players in Stellar include banks alongside institutions that deal with trans-global eminence. These players are brought together by a significant superfast technology as well as a secure money transfer method. Moreover, these people get to enjoy the benefits of utilizing an encrypted international money transfer channel that is not only affordable but also readily accessible.

Who is Jed McCaleb?

Jed McCaleb is a renowned programmer and head of Stellar. Other payment platforms he has established include Ripple and Mt. Gox. Over the years, Jed has learned the value of utilizing these payment methods not only in business but also for personal use. At Stellar, he majored in team leading and technology departments. Moreover, he is convinced that the next generation will be composed of many virtual payment methods.

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