Jeunesse Global was launched back in 2009 by two determined entrepreneurs: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The pair saw the need to extend lifespan by helping people fight the effects of ageing. From the business side of it, they created Jeunesse Global to become a powerhouse in the multi-level marketing industry. They created beauty care and nutritional products with the help of modern and advanced science to help fight signs of aging. The world would rather stay young forever, and Jeunesse has a clear path to achieve that. Below are some of the products the health and fitness company shares with the world.

Instantly Ageless

This is a beauty and skin care product that has been designed to combat the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and pores on the face. The company combined Argireline and peptide to launch Instantly Ageless, which has been effective in hiding aging symptoms just like Botox. Fortunately, this product is painless. The product works for about six to eight hours before wearing off. Users are encouraged to apply the cream by rubbing it on the face for two to three minutes. Once the cream dries up, your wrinkles should reduce significantly and your face will attain a smooth and younger appearance.


Finite is a multivitamin supplement that is purely natural. It is considered to be the most advanced supplement formulated by Jeunesse to present. The capsule has both fruits and vegetables forming a larger part of its ingredients. It is proven to have no allergens or gluten. Finiti supplements focus on strengthening the user’s immunity by protecting their DNA. It keeps the enzyme telomerase active throughout and improves body cells.


Nevo was voted as the consumer product of the year in 2016. The energy drink is put together with caffeine to a perfect blend and comes in four distinct flavors. The energy drink is usually packaged in cans each holding 50 calories. It is active enough to earn the title “energy drink.” Nevo is free of artificial flavors, additives, and colors and this makes it wholly natural.


NV is a beauty product that targets make-up users and artists. It is packaged in four: primer, mist foundation, an illuminator, and a bronzer. NV is widely accepted for its abilities and is safe to use on the lips, skin, eyebrows, and eyelids.,-FL-jobs.html