Jim Toner is a successful real estate investor. He is one of the people who has had a great career as a business person due to the experience he had to go through. At some point, he had given up on the industry due to frustrations of being lied to by the so-called investment “gurus.” Toner says that these are the worst people in the investment industry. They out to make money from investors because they failed to invest profitably. They have no interest in making you win they will rip you off and run away with your money. Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner learned the hard way that in this industry, you have to believe in yourself. You also need to follow the right people if you want to make it. Those who promise quick riches are the people out to take away your hard-earned money and run with it.

Jim Toner is an investor who learned everything about the industry since just like many aspiring investors, he had no money sufficient to make it big in the industry. He had to start low and build his investment. Today, he is among the successful businessmen out there and normally appears in televisions such as CNN to give out advice on the secrets of investment in the industry. Jim Toner, however, says that there is secret in the industry. No one should tell you that he is going to be selling a secret. Whatever that secret is, it is one basic knowledge that you should never pay for. According to Ideamensch, Toner is out to help the aspiring investors learn how to make investments without being told to pay for anything. He has had his experience with these people who lied to him about making money but as soon as they got his money, they fled.

Jim Toner says that the industry may be dirty, but it is the few good guys who will make it great. His happiness is supporting the young people put some extra money in their banks after investing in the real estate sector. He hopes to aspire as many people as possible and finally change the song of investment “gurus.”

Source: https://angel.co/thejimtoner