When treating patients with debilitating diseases, it is important to have a protocol in place that treats the entire patient and not just the disease. Johanan Rand uses this philosophy in his practice everyday. His methods have become famous throughout the medical community and many practitioners have begun to follow his teachings. He recently published a book on living with a rare disease and how to grow old with it. He feels that patients can live a much longer life if they change their lifestyle habits.


While Johanan Rand’s treatments will still include the standard medical practices, he believes that incorporating healthy eating and exercise programs will aid in the treatments. Yoga and meditation can also help the patient by allowing them to concentrate on areas less effected by their disease. He has been using these methods in his private practice for many years and his patients agree that it does help. Many of them have been seeing Johanan Rand for many years and will do so way into the future.


Johanan has spoken at many medical seminars and conferences in the country bringing his methods to as many other doctors as he can. He continues to educate himself on the benefits of alternative medicines as part of a treatment plan. His credentials are impeccable. He has studied medical procedures in other countries as well to see if they can benefit his patients. Johanan Rand has seen results in his clients since he began using these methods. Pain and the need to additional medications have been reduced and some patients feel that they their movements have improved. This is a significant development and Johanan wants to pursue this further.


Johanan Rand also believes that all patients regardless of their financial situation should be treated equally and has given his time to many worthy causes. He donates his services to several local charities. Dr. Rand’s career has spanned many years so far and there is no limit to what he will accomplish in the future. He has no plans for retirement anytime soon and he will do this well into his old age.