Kimberly Bakker is a serial entrepreneur whose talent in event planning has resulted in the success of her events company. Her education background depicts where her business acumen stems from since she graduated with a business honors from the University of Southern California.

She gained experience working as a teacher, event producer, and PR executive which Kimberly Bakker attributes to being the reason for her success. The article highlights various aspects of her life ranging from career, motherhood and personal development. It provides insights on the different techniques which she implements to ensure that her success as an entrepreneur remains unrivaled.

She begins by revealing the source of motivation and the process of idea generation for Kimberly Bakker Events Company. It is clear that she is a natural born planner as she reminisces on her childhood where she loved grand events that celebrated people’s achievements.

It was from this young age that she developed traits of attentiveness to small details which differentiate her business from competitors. It is important to note that Kimberly Bakker remains focused in her line of work and ensures that she takes care of her personal needs first. Read This Article to learn more.

The young entrepreneur and mother; has a morning routine which allows her enough time to plan and set out goals for her company. She also takes her motherhood roles seriously and ensures that her daughter has top priority in her life. This is an inspiration to many working mothers who often find they have little time with their children.

Kimberly Bakker is a strong belief in goal setting, having clear objectives and a plan to achieve the same. Her business model ensures that her clients’ needs are met and often go above their expectations which translate to more business and profits. Her demeanor portrays grace since she talks of her strong interpersonal skills where she remains respectful of other people’s opinions. She further participates in philanthropic activities and encourages people to read continuously.


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