Rick Cofer made his bones as a defense attorney in Texas. He specializes in criminal defense cases and prefers to deal with the vulnerable and down cast of the community. To this end he has had cases dealing with the homeless and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer groups (LGBTQ). Cofer is a board member on the ‘Kind Clinic and Texas Health Action board’.

Customized Service

According to chronicleweek, since 2008, Cofer has carved a name for himself as a defense attorney of repute. When asked about his success, he says he deals with the cases as they come recognizing that each case is different from the other. All his clients, he believes are entitled to a customized defense. He is also passionate about helping to improve the lives of the LGBTQ.

In terms of defense, Cofer argues that reasoning coupled with empathy and a well crafted defense are all that is needed in winning cases. Empathy allows him to choose his clients and to see them in the situation of the alleged offense.

Other Ventures

Rick Cofer has worked in other capacities apart from law practice. He worked for the ‘Barack Obama Campaign’ in 2008. He has been on the Austin Parks and Recreation Board’ as it’s vice chair. He was once chair to the ‘Peace and Conservancy’ board. Indeed, Cofer also served on the ‘Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) board. Rick Cofer also sat on the ‘City of Austin Zero Waste Commission’ and consequently steered the city towards the ban of plastic bags. Indeed, he also saw to the developing of the city’s ‘Universal Recycling Ordinance’.

LGBTQ Health in Austin

Austin appears to be a welcome city for the LGBTQ community. The pride month events coupled with the several bars for members of the community and several clubs paint a picture of wellness. However, Rick Cofer Law knows only too well that behind this veneer of acceptance and security lays homelessness and grave insecurity. A study was funded by ‘Texas Pride Impact Funds’ and it demonstrated the squalor that lies beneath the pride parades and community life of the LGBTQ. Food insecurity and general safety issues were raised, thereby exposing the underbelly of misery. The study also demonstrated that many in the LGBTQ community postpone healthcare due to limitations in funds. In addition, they are unable to get the care offered at free clinics since they cannot reveal their orientation in religiously sponsored and run facilities.

Rick Cofer’s Philanthropy for LGBTQ

With the publishing of this report, many got first hand information on how many of the LGBTQ community members live in fear and want. Rick Cofer in 2018 decided his firm would work with the ‘Kind Clinic in Austin’ to assemble a Halloween ball for the benefit of the LGBTQ community. Indeed, the effort was geared towards helping members of the community access healthcare facilities with ease and without the fear of discrimination.