DAMAC Properties has become the talk of town in the real estate industry. It is a property development company based in Dubai. However, it delivers its services across the continents of the globe due to the projects it holds internationally. The existence of the company into the world is as a result of its founder and director Hussain Sajwani who formed it in 2002. Its leading brands in relation to hospitality include DAMAC Maison Royale, the Distinction, Mall Streets, Canal Views and Cour Jardin. This explains their annual net worth of $1. 947 billion in 2016. During its beginning, there was not much that could be said about the company.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani alongside his team has worked for the name the company owns today. To begin with the DAMAC in 2013 listed in the London Stoke Exchange (LSE) and in 2015 the company listed in Dubai Financial Market (DFM). In 2013, other than being ranked in LSE, the company engaged in business partnerships with the United States under the leadership of U.S President Trump and formed the Golf Club which ranked top in International Property wards hosted in London.

Besides delivering quality to the clients irrespective of factors of identities, the company is using its earnings for philanthropic works. The first charitable work was in 2011 where the company formed the DAMAC Hospitality Division. In 2013, the company was generous enough to contribute a total of 2 million in a clothing initiative in Dubai that helps in clothing the needy so that they can have a fulfilling Ramadan period. Other than these two acts, the company assists the government to better the lives of the youth in Dubai. The first way the company does this is through employing 2000 youths to work in the company hence fighting the problem of unemployment in the region.

Quality services and customer satisfaction is a guarantee with DAMAC property. This is because the company is concerned about the welfare of their clients before profits and other business. Therefore, if by chance you were stuck on deciding on which property development company to consider you now have the answer.

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