Vinod Gupta, entrepreneur and Managing General Partner of venture capital and business development firm Everest Group, recently sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch, where he discussed his first foray into business, his day-to-day, and changes he anticipates in business, amongst numerous other topics.


In discussing the launch and growth of his first business, Gupta discussed discovering a void in a niche market – namely, the lack of complete and up-to-date business lists – and working towards filling it. After using $100, borrowed from Ralston Bank, as the business’ starting capital, Gupta would launch American Business Lists in 1972, eventually growing it over the following two decades into a publicly traded company. Ten years after going public, the business, now known as infoUSA, boasted over $300 million in annual sales, and would be sold in 2010 for $680 million dollars.


The interview also broached modern changes to the financial and database compilation industries, with Gupta pointing to the ever-increasing importance of technology and artificial intelligence in those industries and discussing his anticipation of that importance growing even more over the next few years. Find More Information Here


Gupta also discussed how he constantly maintains productivity, revealing that he is partial to long-term, big picture thinking instead of the everyday minutiae involved in the running of a business.


In addition to being an innovative businessman, Vinod Gupta is a dedicated philanthropist, which much of his preferred initiatives revolving around education. Gupta has supported his alma mater, IIT with $2 million donation to establish a facility that will provide advanced business management courses. The Vinod Gupta School of Management was created from this donation and offers MBA to students who have graduated with a bachelors in engineering.


As part of his focus on Women’s Education, he has donated $1 million for the establishment of a women’s polytechnic institute in his hometown of Rampur Manhyaran in India, and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. In the interview, Gupta credits his father, who was a doctor, with imparting in him a love for education.


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