James Dondero: Making Dallas Better

When you think of the people that make your neighborhood great, several individuals might come to mind; Did you ever think that a successful millionaire would be one of them? Typically you might consider a wealthy businessperson to be stuck up or greedy, however, you might visualize them, there are...Read more

The Inventions of Doctor Saad Saad

Surgery is difficult. It’s not the exact science we like to think of it as. The parts of the human body are often very small and don’t sit in the exact same place in everyone. For pediatric surgeons these problems are worse. Often a child doesn’t have the experience to...Read more

A Personal Interview With Betsy DeVos

For countless years, Betsy DeVos has found herself at the front of the education reform movement. She has always been a huge advocate for educational needs of children across the country and in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has long been known as a big reformer. When she...Read more

HCR Wealth Advisors Wealth Managers in Los Angeles

It is everyone’s dream to be able to achieve financial security in future, and most of the people are worried about their retirement planning. Fortunately, the market is filled with a wide variety of investment options and financial instruments that you can invest in to secure your future. Some of...Read more

Guilherme Paulus, Brazil’s Tourism Guru

Guilherme Paulus is heralded as a visionary who has transformed the tourism sector in Brazil by establishing a vast hotel empire spread across this Latin America nation. At 68 years and going strong, Guilherme likes to declare that he is in the business of selling dreams. Further, he proudly affirms...Read more

Ryan Seacrest: A Man About Hollywood

Ryan Seacrest has a great cameo in the film Knocked Up by Director Judd Apatow. In the scene, he shows his disapproval of Jessica Simpson’s tardiness for an interview. In his brief rant, Seacrest shows his irritation by stating that not only does he have four jobs he is more...Read more

Johanan Rand Uses Progressive Treatments For His Patients

When treating patients with debilitating diseases, it is important to have a protocol in place that treats the entire patient and not just the disease. Johanan Rand uses this philosophy in his practice everyday. His methods have become famous throughout the medical community and many practitioners have begun to follow...Read more

Stansberry Research Promotes Investing In Insurance

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