Luiz Carlos Trabuco Pension Reform

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the most respected business leaders in Brazil. During his career, he helped thousands of people with his work. Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over Bradesco many years ago. At the time, the banking industry had a terrible season. Profits were falling along with interest rates....Read more

Ryan Seacrest, Host, Producer and Philanthropist

As America’s well-known host and producer, Ryan Seacrest is famous in today’s world of entertainment. Though there are many television shows he has hosted, these are just a few projects; hosting the first season of “ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge,” “Gladiator 2000,” “Wild Animal Games,” “Click,” “NBC Saturday Night Movie,” “Ultimate...Read more

The Real Estate Giant, Jim Toner

In the real estate sector, Jim Toner has created a legacy. He is a real estate investor. He has also worked as a radio host for real estate shows. Besides these, Jim is a speaker, advisor, and a renowned author. He has traveled all across the states holding talks and...Read more


Neurcore is a development facility which helps in the assessment and diagnosis of the brain. The center uses data gathered by brainwave mapping technology among other tools. This makes Neurcore effective for brain analysis and gives people a vivid understanding of his or her brain activities for better well-being. The...Read more

Bob Reina: A Man Who Doesn’t Pass Up Opportunity

Bob Reina continues to see unparalleled success in his business ventures. A former police officer, Bob is now a full-time network marketer and heads an incredible business called Talk Fusion.   Talk Fusion What is Talk Fusion and from where did this idea come?   Talk Fusion is the name...Read more

Jim Toner: Experience, Philosophy & Dedication

Jim Toner, Ph.D., M.D., is one of the finest professionals that works exclusively in the medical industry. When it comes to being on-point as well as being punctual, few doctors in the infertility sector of business can outperform him. Caring and providing vital services for those who are in need...Read more