JD.com Expands Its Operation Base By Establishing Two Innovative Stores Suited For Travelers

  If you reside in China and you are in pursuit of an online retailing company that offers quality products, you should opt for JD.com. The company has been providing e-commerce services since 2004. Richard Liu Qiangdong heads Jingdong. JD.com has an outstanding track record as the leading online retailer...Read more

Tim Ioannides Created A Vaccine For Skin Cancer Suffers

  Antibiotics were once thought of as the best way to treat acne because dermatologists thought the condition was contagious. Dr. Hilary Baldwin, from Rutgers Robert Woods School in New Jersey, believes that antibiotics are no longer needed to treat acne. Although some patients need antibiotics to treat their acne...Read more

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Internet Celebrity And Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

  CEO and Founder of JD.com Richard Liu gives detailed insight into how he achieved massive success. As a guest speaker on the world economic forum in Davos, in an interview entitled “An Insight, An Idea”, he explained in detail about his background, education, struggle to improve his life, and...Read more

Industry Mogul: Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the Kuala Lumpur-based QI group. He started this way back in 1998 and expanded its international reach to over twenty countries as he also invested in diversification. It is now a multinational conglomerate firm with diverse interests. The firm has investments in real estate,...Read more

ATS Founder Robert Deignan Offers Ways to Curb Tech Addiction

The proliferation of technology has created a demand for tech support services to keep the latest advancements in technology running properly. Entrepreneur Robert Deignan recognized this need and founded ATS Digital to fill the need.   When an individual encounters technical problems they can call ATS who in turn uses...Read more