Pizza. Cheese. Toppings. Delivery. Equipment. These are not the only things that make up Papa John’s. People make up Papa John’s. Humans beings are what make Papa John’s tick. After all, they are the ones that make and serve its products. They are the ones who buy the products. This shows in “People Are Priorities Always,” the motto of Steve Ritchie, the CEO. He understands that it is all about the people—what they like, what they think, what they feel and the quality of their lives. This is why he set out on an odyssey across the American mainland, stopping at franchise locations in cities to ask employees about workplace stories and anything pertaining to Papa John’s.

Tons of stories were spoken about by Papa John’s employees throughout this great land. Stories of the good, the bad and the ugly were heard. The franchises interacted with their communities in all sorts of ways—from individual interactions to charitable operations for the general community. It was not the easiest to hold some of these conversations, but it definitely had to be done. Steve Ritchie wanted to get more in tune with the organization so that he could stay up to date with the times. He is not just the kind of guy who sits at a desk and refuses to have contact with the people below him. He respects everyone below him because he originally started at the bottom as a customer service guy in his early 20s.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is someone who has his heart in Papa John’s because he invested a huge chunk of his life into working for the pizza-making company. Eventually, he bought a franchise and operated one, himself. So, he didn’t just play the role of a minimum wage worker; he also played the role of a franchise owner. He has really been around the block when it comes to working for Papa John’s. After becoming a franchise owner, he surged upward in leadership positions.

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