The medical field contains many highly trained professionals who literally hold the lives of their patients in their capable hands. The amount of time needed to educate these dedicated individuals goes far beyond the normal scope of higher level academics, with many of these doctors living a life full of debt but living happily knowing that they ar emaking a huge difference for patients and their loved ones. One such passionate doctor is a pediatric surgen named Dr. Saad Saad. It is through his hard work that Dr. Saad has been able to shape the future lives of his many patients, and they have been able to move forward.


Dr. Saad Saad received his medical degree and certification from Cairo University in Egypt. He received this MD in 1971, and has been practicing medecine ever since. A native speaker of Arabic, Saad was able to learn English to the point of near native fluency. His ability to successfully communicate with his patients has allowed Saad to succeed in the United States of America, where he has been practicing pediatric surgery for over three decades. Since his arrival in the states Dr. Saad has been able to shape the lives of his young patients, performing sometimes dangerus surgical procedures in order to ensure saving the lives of those children he emotionally touches. This passion and dedication to the medical field means that Dr. Saad is more than a doctor, he is a professional in the field of empathy as well. Learn more:


Now that Dr. Saad Saad is getting older it is becoming more difficult for him to perform delicate procedures. He has published a good number of academic works during his career, many of them written in high-end medical jargon that only the elite can successfully interpret. This being said, these papers identify Dr. Saad not only as a willing and masterful surgeon but also as a potential educator. If and when he leabves surgery behind he could very easily move into a leadership, administrative, or educator role in order to support doctors who would be entering into the profession.


Dr. Saad Saad has a long and complex history in the medical world. His expertise, experience and ability to work with others is only mirrored by his dedication to the art of medecine itself. He is an honored and well known member of the pediatric medecine world, and rightly so, he has more than earned his place in the stars. The amount of time that Saad has left in the surgical room is not know, but his legacy will continue even after he decides to hang up the medical coat and walk away from the position he dearly loves.