Hussain Sajwani had humble beginnings; he worked for his father, an entrepreneur in Dubai, selling watches and other goods from China at his modest shop in the city market.

Looking at him now, you would never guess the roots the billionaire founder of DAMAC Properties. Still, Hussain Sajwani remembers where he came from and channels the core family values that were instilled in him at a young age; hard work, honesty, charity and support of the community, into activities that have a lasting impact on society and the world at large. has noted that Mr. Sajwani was one of the few students selected by the government to obtain a scholarship and attend school in the US. There, he flourished, obtaining a degree in Economics and going on to forge ahead in several successful ventures, eventually founding DAMAC Properties in 2002.

Now, as per CNBC, DAMAC Properties is one of the foremost real property development companies in the Middle East, with developments expanding into the United Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Hussain Sajwani’s vision of beautiful design merged with excellent quality have manifested into some of the most memorable and sought-after properties in the world.

The family tradition continues, with Hussain Sajwani’s son, Ali Sajwani, graduating with a degree in economics from North Eastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and now acting as the general manager of operations at DAMAC Group.

This family dynamic is familiar, and can be seen in another well-known real estate development company that is famous for the family name: Trump. It is therefore not surprising that Hussain Sajwani is close acquaintances with the Trump family.

The DAMAC Founder met with the Trumps before the election to commemorate the opening of the Washington hotel, and again after the US election, where he was a guest for New Year’s Eve celebrations in the new President’s Mar-a-Lago hotel, where he was given a nod by President Trump, who called his family, “the most beautiful people.”

But above all, both families share a similar passion – charity. Hussain Sajwani has donated generously over the years to numerous charitable foundations, most recently the One Million Arab Coders Initiative. Check out his here.

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