Vice President of Operational Excellence at Ingersoll Rand, Robert Thikoll, discusses business, inspiration, and a typical day in his life.

Robert obtained a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Japanese from Arizona State University. Robert also studied at Nanzan University in Nagoya-shi Japan. He is in charge of the growth and advancement through hands-on leadership approaches within the $13 billion dollar company. He does much of his problem solving through the implementation of team-based solutions.

He strongly believes in tapping into the skills and talents of a multitude to exponentially expand productivity and possibility. A single person can only do so much, but Robert believes that so much from each individual combined is extremely impactful. Another time-tested business strategy of his is seeing each problem as unique. Often a solution is similar to a problem previously solved, so it may seem simple on how to fix. However, with all people and everyone’s background being different, you must as seek to understand what is actually wrong not what you think is wrong. From their, you figure out the talents and skills of yourself and others to best meet the needs of the situation.

Robert works for a technology company that is growing rapidly due to his efforts. He recognizes the potential technology has for people but is not where true success resides. He would advise his younger self that he was too quick to run past or over others for the sake of personal advancement. That through other means he could have progressed without mowing down others. He recognizes success is found in the relationships formed, through mentoring and developing other people.

One of his favorite quotes is by artist Michaelangelo, “I am still learning.” Robert Thikoll will forever be a student in both the business world and in life.

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