Ryan Seacrest has a great cameo in the film Knocked Up by Director Judd Apatow. In the scene, he shows his disapproval of Jessica Simpson’s tardiness for an interview. In his brief rant, Seacrest shows his irritation by stating that not only does he have four jobs he is more famous than his interview subjects.

This is true because Ryan Seacrest is the busiest man in Tinseltown and continues the pace. How is it possible to be on the radio in his On Air with Ryan and then appear on television in the morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan? Ryan Seacrest doesn’t have an answer to that but what he knows is that he works efficiently. When asked how many jobs does he juggle, Seacrest has no clue. We’ve seen him on American Idol, hosting New Year’s eve it’s hard to understand how he gets in time for himself. To date, he can confirm that he now has three radio shows. Next to that, he has created a fashion line and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Ryan uses consolidation to keep everything together and running. Some of his jobs are in the same place, so he isn’t traveling too far. It’s a matter of walking from one set to the other. He commends his team for helping him stay updated with everything that is going on during a regular day. Ryan admits it a puzzle he has to piece together to make it effective. An email will give him a brief idea of what happened in all divisions.

In a blogpost from the NY Times, Ryan said that his day starts sharp at around 5 a.m. The radio gig needs him on air at about 6 am. Ryan says he has to move rather quick with getting breakfast or having coffee. He often arrives to the studio 15 minutes early to go over the day’s material. Ryan admits he is an impatient person and says this is the reason he can get things done on time. His fitness session are meetings to him. He never cancels them and keeps on schedule. Know more about Ryan Seacrest on Facebook.

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