Some people were simply born to be stars.

They were born talented, but life sorts out the dice and manages somehow to show them to the world.


The Life Of Ryan

The day before Christmas 1974, Ryan Seacrest, saw the world for the first time.

Today’s ultra-popular radio and TV host, and a producer was born in Atlanta, GA. Ryan was never an ordinary kid who played ordinary kids games. Instead, he would be usually caught speaking into the microphone. It was almost “love at the first sound”.

At his tender age of 16, Ryan Seacrest started to work at the local radio in Atlanta, while still attending high-school. His love for the radio was growing more as his mentor was Tom Sullivan. He was actually the first who gave Seacrest a chance to be on the air. Ryan Seacrest grabbed that chance with both hands and soon he was given the opportunity to work. While studying journalism, he continued doing his radio show. Finally, at the age of 19, he decides to drop out and move. He went to Hollywood to chase his dream.


Opened Door Of Hollywood

During that period, Ryan Seacrest hosted kids’ game shows, appeared as the host of game shows,and also hosted a reality show, Ultimate Revenge. But that was not what he really wanted. Finally, in 2002 the door was opened. He got the offer to run a new TV show called the American Idol. Along with the comedian Brian Dunkleman. After that, everything else was history.

Next year, Seacrest becomes the one and only host of the American Idol. He was also one of the highest paid reality TV hosts. On May 1, 2017, Seacrest joined a team of the live morning talk show on WABC-TV. The show is called Kelly and Ryan where Seacrest was the second host but he soon joined as an executive producer to the show.


The Old Love – Never Forgotten

However, despite the incredible success, he did not forget his first love – the radio. Seacrest hosts a weekday morning radio show in LA simply called On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

With a good sense of fashion and full of creative energy, Ryan Seacrest could not avoid the fashion industry.

Today, he runs one of the leading menswear lifestyle brands – The Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He even got his fingers in the cosmetics industry. Namely, he partnered with the dermatologist Harold Lancer in producing the men’s skincare line called Polished.


A Man With A Big Heart

And who would’ve thought that besides all those things, he still has the time to be a humanitarian? Over the years, Ryan Seacrest had visited a number of pediatric hospitals that care for children who are facing serious illnesses.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is dedicated to children. A non-profit that inspires today’s youth using entertainment and educationally focused initiatives.

And as we said at the beginning… Life throws dice, but when you’re already having the good ones – it’s nice to share them to those who weren’t that lucky.


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