Sharon Prince is the president and chairperson of the Grace Farms Foundation, which is privately operated. Grace Farms Foundation was established in 2009 with tis main aim being to enhance the lives of people by engaging them with the community, faith, nature arts, and justice.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation is based in New Canaan in the United States, and since it started its operation, I have been serving people from the East Coast of New England that is in Northeastern US. Sharon has been in the forefront in spearheading the Grace Farms vision, which has been a new kind of public space that is shared by nonprofit organizations and individuals.

As the head of this organization, she spearheaded the commissioning of SANAA Pritzker Prize-winning company which was to help it in designing its accompanying River Building.

Since Grace Farm Foundation was opened four years ago, it has given a lot of people peace of mind and grace. Ms. Sophia has seen the firm being awarded numerous prizes such as the AIA National 2017 awards for its massive contributions in different sectors of the economy. Some of Grace Firms’ contributions have been in environmental sustainability, architecture, and social good of the community.

In the course of her duties in the Grace Foundation, Sharon Prince has been in the forefront to fight and end human trafficking, violence against women and child exploitation at national and international levels. Grace Farms Foundation has initialized and developed a global media company known as Unchain Freedom Needs Fighters that is aimed at ending neo-slavery. Grace Farms is in conjunction with Geometry Global agencies, Shazam, and J. Walter Thompson in the global media campaign.

Ms. Sharon has also been serving as a Board of Next Generation Nepal which is a dedicated charity organization that is aimed at reuniting the victims of child exploitations and their families. Sharon has received numerous individual awards in recognition of her outstanding works such as the NOMI Network Abolitionist award and Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Awards in 2017. See Related Link to learn more.