Steve Lesnard is an expert in the marketing and advertising world. Steve Lesnard is a highly respected man in the marketing industry because of his impressive and effective marketing strategies. He is well-known for his affiliation with one of the most popular brands in the world, Nike. Recently, Steve Lesnard mentioned a few marketing tips that can lead to a successful venture. He mainly focused on the art of product marketing in today’s digital world. Marketers have been using numerous approaches to advertise their brands or products. However, modern and dynamic virtual and social platforms are changing the way of marketing new products.


Steve Lesnard believes that integrating these social and digital platforms in marketing has fantastic benefits. The only crucial aspect to keep in mind is how to leverage them properly to attain the best outcome. Brands that breakthrough always put the consumer’s needs and preferences at the core of their tactic. During the introduction of a product, it is important to accentuate the clear benefits of the product that adds value to the lives of customers. Lesnard proposed two key concepts to promote a product successfully. The first approach is to keep the commercial simple to make it catchy and hence memorable. The best product introduction should highlight clear customer benefits and indicate what is new and better. Keeping it simple entails outlining only the most novel and relevant features of a product. A great example is the popular iPod campaign that had 10k songs in your pocket as their catchphrase. The commercial focused on the benefit of giving the consumer a broad range of music to enjoy. See This Page for additional information.


The other strategy Steve Lesnard proposes is focusing on the client’s experience the product is intended to fulfill. Such information includes the function of the product, the way it looks on the consumer’s body or how the product is supposed to be used. Marketers can use videos to capture the details and outline the product’s best features. Also, consumer testimonies can be used to create a reliability aspect. The moment a marketer learns how to remain relevant in the digital world, they achieve amazing results.


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