Applying for employment with Sussex Healthcare is not complicated at all. There are two ways to apply for employment. The first way to apply for a job is in person. This is for people who live near the actual facility. Filling out an application in person can take approximately 10-20 minutes. This depends on if the applicant desires to apply for more than one position.

The good thing about applying in person is that some people are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time and get hired on the spot. Sussex Healthcare believes in giving everyone a chance.

The next way to apply for employment with Sussex Healthcare is online. After visiting the website, the applicant will read what it means to work for Sussex and what is expected of every employee. After this, the applicant will be able to see all the available positions. Each applicant is welcome to apply to every job on the list. The application asks for a resume, references, and a few questions to test the character of the applicant.

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Every single application is reviewed. Once Sussex Healthcare managers believe they have found an applicant worthy of employment, they will contact the applicant to set up an interview. Once the interview is conducted, the potential employee can start work that day, or Sussex may set up a second interview.

Sussex Healthcare has been providing senior living care for almost three decades. Sussex began with just two entrepreneurs and a small piece of land. Over a short period of time, the small piece of land became acres, and the two entrepreneurs recruited a dozen others. Today, Sussex Healthcare is the largest senior living home in England.

People should choose Sussex Healthcare because of their outstanding reviews. They should also choose Sussex because of the low costs and all that is included with a patient’s stay.

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