There’s a new wave of therapy today that is making big waves for those who traditionally have found having a personal therapist outside of their reaches. Talkspace is reaching millions of Americans on a one-to-one basis where they are facing life’s challenges. Mental health issues like depression, rejection, abandonment, ego battles, and a host of other terms therapist use to explain the psychological problems that slow life down. There is a growing hope with Talkspace online app, which allows clients, using one of their several subscription models, to have their own assigned private therapist at their “side” when they need feedback and professional advice. Any person can find help without leaving home, office or traveling to an unfamiliar place in your city. Clients pick up their IOS or Android phone and get connected to their therapist thru texting. Each of Talkspace therapy plans works differently, according to the rate and benefits of each service. However, there is over 2,000 licensed therapist available thru the Talkspace online app. Talkspace offer regular service where a therapist responds twice daily. Above the regular service, there is LiveTalk therapy Ultimate, and Couples Therapy.

Michael Phelps Becomes Sponsor of Talkspace

Talkspace was begun in 2012 by Oren Frank (CEO)and Dr. Irvin D. Yalom. Today Talkspace has over 100,000 clients throughout the world and over 2,000 licensed therapist. Michael Phelps, the 28-time Olympic Gold medalist, was experiencing depression issues. Michael Phelps said he would stay in his room not wanting to leave when he was encouraged to contact someone who could help him. Micheal Phelps credits his life to help from the therapy he received. Today Michael Phelps is a Sponsor of the Online Therapy Group Talkspace to encourage the millions of others who face mental health issues but have yet to find adequate help for their mental health needs. Michael encourages others to “open up,” about their needs. Another help in finding a balance is to “talk to your friends.” You can always turn to your family or your teammates for help. Michael Phelps is encouraging others to “work with a professional therapist.” Anyone can download the Talkspace app or take an assessment for free.