Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the chainsmokers, are some of the most influential duos across the United States art industry. The two individuals have brought something new that other individuals have not witnessed for a few numbers of years. There has been a new genre of music brought into the industry by the two individuals. What started as a small project has turned out to be one of the most significant trends in the country.

Alex Pall had been performing DJeeing when he was young. However, he was just performing DJ activities for leisure. However, he was not aware that a childhood activity would later turn out to be a professional career that would help an individual to earn money. After playing music through automated software, Alex Pall got a director and joined hands with Taggart where they formed the current team, chainsmokers.

After joining hands, the two individuals continued to develop mixes with the aid of computer technology. However, the two individuals were geared towards producing the typical music that individuals are already accustomed to. They wanted to bring something in the industry that other people had not brought to the industry. Their skills and knowledge helped them to come up with some new music beats, something that other DJs had not been able to produce.

The chainsmokers brought a music genre that involves playing strong rock music that incorporated the traditional mixes with the modern instruments. Their mixes were unique to the point where they were attracting a considerable number of individuals in their live shows. The two DJs were able to provide some mixes, some of which were very energetic with heavy metal beats that individuals have been. In fact, the industry had not witnessed energetic DJs for a more extended period.

The speed at which the chainsmokers changed the industry made them prominent individuals within a short period. In fact, the two individuals have only been in the industry for about five years. They have become household names in the United States. Their fame is not just restricted in the United States as they are also holding their shows in foreign countries, especially the European country.