The Fagali Airport, owned and operated by the Polynesian Airlines along with the Samoan government, is serving as an entry point into the Samoan Islands. Apia, which is about 5 minutes from Fagali, is the capital of Samoa, therefore it attracts many people who prefer not to take that long 40-minute ride from the Faleolo International Airport on the west coast of the island.

Adult fares range from $150, depending where you are coming from and which airline you are using. The Fagali to Pago Pago flight cost about $85 to $96. If you travel with a group, the price for each individual ticket will decrease.

The small planes can fit up to 9 people comfortably and safely. There are about 10 flights per day on the Samoa Airways and the Talofa Airways to Pago Pago on the American Samoa island.

Polynesian Airlines used this airport for business events, chartered flights, and medical evacuations. Now, it is booming with tourism. The airport was even featured on the 19th season of the Survivor: Samoa TV show in 2009. These aircrafts are safe enough to accommodate celebrities, tourists, and even the president, so there are no worries.

Exiting and entering Fagali is very easy as the airport has customs desk to get your passport stamped, a washroom, and a seating area.

Cabs waiting outside the airport to take you wherever you need to go. There is also an access point for the public bus. The main city is a walk away, or you can take the 5 minute ride inside a cab. It’s your choice.

Here you will find luxury hotels, historic sites, religious institutions, street markets, scenic tours, nightclubs, museums, festivals and events, and general things to do.

Naturalists come and play on this island. You will enjoy yourself on the white sandy beaches at the foot of crystal clear water with the rolling green hills as the backdrop.