The Oxford Club has a distinct membership roll of entrepreneurs and savvy investors who aim to achieve financial independence and enjoy a richer, fuller life that goes beyond money. Their time-tested strategies that are available to members can outperform the markets on a regular basis and even reduce risk levels in portfolios. Their market experts offer recommendations that cover every asset class such as stocks, bonds, and real estate among many others.

The Chief Investment Strategist of the Oxford Club is Alexander Green who is also a bestselling author. He leads their team of experts who regularly produce sophisticated market reports where the choicest opportunities can be found. Three decades of business and investing experience are at the disposal of the highly rated team of market analysts.

One of the foundations of The Oxford Club’s resources is their monthly newsletters which allow members to get timely market information on trading and market trends. The Oxford Communiqué is the flagship newsletter where Chief Strategist Alexander Green offers his expert recommendations and market commentary. It also features his popular series Beyond Wealth which encompasses healthy living concepts, philosophical issues, and political thoughts.

The Oxford Income Letter is another high-quality resource for those members seeking to develop a first-rate portfolio of income assets. Marc Lichtenfeld is the Chief Income Strategist for The Oxford Club and is an expert in analyzing dividend stocks. Bonds are also covered in this newsletter by Steve McDonald for those wishing to diversify their portfolio.

The Oxford Club also offers high-quality trading services that are focused on different market segments. A good example of these is the Momentum Alert which highlights the fastest moving stocks for members. The Oxford Club has three membership levels for every type of investor and they are Premier Membership, Director’s Circle, and the Chairman’s Circle.

The Oxford Club is an international network of 157,000 investors and entrepreneurs in more than 130 countries. They help members gain and protect wealth in all market conditions and they have successfully done this for over two decades. They research unique investing themes that are outside of the mainstream and offer the potential for extraordinary returns.