About 30 years ago, Roberto Santiago established the prestigious Manaira Shopping mall. Roberto is well-known for having developed the best shopping mall in Brazil. Located in the midst of the Joao Pessoa in the state of Paraiba. The mall remains the largest in the region. Santiago began his entrepreneurship as a young person; he started as a company that was making boxes and selling to other businesses to use for selling their products, he has also been a blogger. The box making company made some positive progress. Roberto Santiago used the money that he got from his investments to buy a massive plot in the Paraiba state, Joao Pessoa. The place has been turned into one of the most attractive places in the Paraiba and Brazil. Roberto Santiago is a successful investor in the real estate properties. Roberto Santiago has established one of the best malls in the world in Joao Pessoa, where he bought the land. The Manaira Shopping mall was officially opened in 1989 and has remained economically vibrant since that time.

The land is approximated to be 135,000 square meters. It has a large parking space that can hold over three thousand vehicles when packed full. The mall is designed according to the international standards. It has a university and banks. The mall is also a leading avenue for entertainment in the region. It has options for both the children and the adults to entertain themselves. It has a gaming zone, salon, restaurants, gym, spa, movie halls, boutique hall, shopping store, kids’ zone among others. Robert Santiago is committed to making Manaira Shopping mall a first-class entertainment avenue by regularly adding new features and facilities into the mall.

The movie theatre is fitted with 3D equipment. The visitors enjoy a complete fan provided by the exceptional experience in the movie theatre, and the fans can buy snacks and soft drinks and enjoy the movie. The food stores are supplied with both local and international taste. It has the best restaurant with executive dining which one can enjoy with family and colleagues. The most favorite restaurant to most visitors, both local and international tourists is the Capital Steak House. The visitors can also enjoy the bowling game in a fantastic and serene environment. Domus hall is another source of attraction in the mall, the liveliest feature in the Manaira Shopping mall that has attracted international event into the region. Domus hall was completed in 2009, as a redevelopment project. Roberto Santiago was born in Paraiba state in 1958. He is an alumnus of the University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. His leadership skill has made him be among the best entrepreneur in the world today.