Richard Liu Qiangdong is a name that needs no introduction as his accomplishments in the world of e-commerce speak volumes of him. Richard is the brains behind, a multi-billion e-commerce giant based in Beijing.

How it all began

Richard Liu Qiangdong hails from a humble home. He was born and bred within the boundaries of Jiangsu province in China. His life was no different from that of a regular child born in the region except that the hardworking nature of his parents who shipped coal instilled the essence of hard work in him since his early days. His parents always encouraged him to pursue a better life for himself by excelling in education, a piece of advice he took to heart and followed to the letter. Richard Liu pursued a Bachelor’s degree in sociology at one of China’s leading university, but soon after completion, he realized that to get to the apex, he needed more skills. In respect to that, Richard Liu Qiangdong turned his attention to IT and learned the ropes of computer science and coding.

This laid a good foundation for him, and soon he secured a job at a renowned natural supplement company known as Japan Life. Liu’s zeal and unique way of doing things saw him rise above the ranks and soon he was appointed as the firm’s computer director. Despite this being a lucrative position, Richard Liu Qiangdong had better plans in mind, and after a stint at Japan life, he resigned and began what would later become China’s and the region’s leading e-commerce companies.

He rented a small space through which he sold magneto-optical products in retail which he named technology hub. This marked the beginning of Due to the stiff competition in this realm, Richard Liu Qiangdong knew he had to offer more than just products. His main strategies in outdoing his competitors was offering top-notch customer care and ease the transaction process through the application of technology. These strategies paid off, and within half a decade, his small business had expanded into a twelve chain company. See This Article for more information.

Unfortunately, his success was short lived due to the SARS epidemic which caused many businesses, including his to close their doors. Nevertheless, being the determined entrepreneur he is, he decided to take his company online, a move that today proves to be one of his best life-decisions. What started as an alternative way to continue with his business is now a 12 billion company and one of the market leaders in Asia’s e-commerce space.

Due to his hard work throughout the years, Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years. One of these incredibly amazing awards was the “2017 Variety500 Honoree” in the variety honors. is currently well over $44 billion in worth which is looking to continue growing upwards with time.


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