The business world is a competitive environment where it’s every man for himself. You need the skills and fortitude to handle the worse of situations, and capitalize on the success.

From a small village in India, came a man named Vinod “Vin” Gupta. He attended the University of Nebraska where he obtained a college degree, and quickly landed the first job of a lifetime. In a recent online interview, Vinod Gupta describes how a lucky chance turned into an industry revolution. Read This Article for related information.

As a fresh college graduate, a company hired him for marketing research. They wanted the information of all businesses who would want his boss’s products. As this was before the technology boom, Vin Gupta had to compile the list from literally nothing. Vin Gupta quickly realized there was a massive void in the industry for this information. From there, he took a small bank loan and seized the moment. His idea morphed into a company in no time at all.

Presently, Vin Gupta runs Everest Group where he supports the industry on the side. His work has changed the way consumers and business access information for the entire world. It is now possible to look at images, find locations, print directions, and see reviews all from the device in your pocket. The services are always getting the most up to date information available. Vin Gupta strongly encourages entrepreneurs to engage with their members, and regularly look into their contacts. Creating connections is how businesses get to the next level.

At the end of the day, Vin Gupta is a shining example of what happens when an individual puts to their mind to their potential. There holes in each field that someone to find and fill they need for consumers. Vinod Gupta remains a generous man for the industry and public.


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