Victoria Doramus has a degree in journalism and mass communication. She has a keen interest for communication, but she also loves history and art. Doramus took on many jobs to gain experience, but she didn’t have a set path for where she was going in her career. She found a niche in working for Creative Agency, because she got a chance to build her skills in media, communication and advertising. Whenever she could combine new fields into her job, it brought on fresh new challenges and work was more satisfying to her during those times. Doramus enjoyed working in social media, film production, and freelance writing. She has been dedicated in her work ethics all her life, but there was an obstacle blocking her to continue to be successful.

Marketing expert Victoria Doramus struggled with a long-time drug and alcohol addiction, but despite the many challenges she faced in her past, she overcame her struggles by using her work experiences and talent to her advantage. She fought back and showed how hard work can pay off in the end. Just when things were starting to look up for Victoria Doramus, she realized her life was falling through the cracks.

She decided to admit herself to rehab in 2011, at the age of 26 and spent 45 days to find what she had lost – her mental and physical ability to fight off the addictions. She was determined to make her mom proud, but it was too difficult for her to sustain. Eventually, she was back to her old ways and homeless. Friends and family turned their backs on her.

By 2017, Doramus began a long-term recovery treatment where she had to work some agonizing jobs just to survive. Through it all, she learned to give back and fight a battle only when it’s worth fighting for. Today, she is passionate about helping others to recover after struggling with their addictions. She plans to start a halfway house in New York City to help people in need, and she has also written a memoir called Adderall: A Love Story, in which she may publish sometimes soon. The recovery expert‘s final destiny shows that anyone can be high or low at any point in their lives, but they can still manage to pull themselves together if they just had a little faith – Transparency is how she achieved her goal!