As someone who grew up poor in India, Vinod Gupta is someone who can vastly relate to the concept of the American Dream: improving your station in life through education and hard work. It is due to this belief that he was able to become a successful businessman, and well known philanthropist. However, it wasn’t necessarily an easy journey. Find Related Information Here.


Taking a Chance


Vinod Gupta took his first step on the path to the American Dream by coming to the US to pursue and education. His family was forced to borrow money for the flight, and he arrived with just over $50 in his pocket. It was a huge risk, but on that ultimately paid off as he got his engineering degree two years later. After that he spend two years earning his masters degree in business management at the University of Nebraska.


His Big Break


After college Vinod Gupta got a job as a marketing research analyst with Commodore Corporation. However, not content to simply do his job, he spend his down time working on his own special project: compiling a data base of every mobile home dealer in the US. While he was forced to go through over 4,000 phone books to make it happen, the work paid off when he made a deal with Commodore Corporation that allowed him to sell the list for many thousands of dollars.


Identifying the Customer’s Needs


Through this experience, Vinod Gupta learned three important lessons. The first is that it’s important to take chances. A calculated risk can pay off big. The second lesson is that there is a lot of money to be made if you can identify the needs of potential customers. The last lesson is one that he seeks to pass onto others: the value of education.


To this day Vinod Gupta continues to support education, especially Women’s Education; though charitable donations, and through his own institutions.


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