Vinod Gupta is a business leader who has had a ton of success during his career. Despite growing up in India, he has built various companies in the United States. After serving in the military in India, he moved to Nebraska to attend college. He graduated with an MBA and started working immediately.


Everest Group

Vinod is the current CEO of Everest Group. Everest Group is an investment firm that looks for investment opportunities in numerous industries. Vinod has had multiple successes while leading Everest Group.

Vinod enjoys investing in companies that focus on sustainability. Not only does he want to protect the environment, but he also wants to spend his resources helping others. Click Here for more information.



Although Vin Gupta no longer lives in India, he travels to the country multiple times each year. He is working on numerous construction projects in large cities throughout the country. Vinod wants to improve the educational opportunities for young girls in India. He has donated money to build several schools over the past few years.


Giving Back

Vinod believes that he has had a fortunate life. Although he worked hard, he says that he was also lucky someone purchased his company for millions of dollars. Instead of hoarding his money, he wants to invest his capital to benefit others.

he works closely with young entrepreneurs who have a dream. Vinod provides both capital and business advice to help these people. He is responsible for dozens of companies getting started during his career. Although Vinod could retire, he plans to continue starting companies for the foreseeable future.


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